Increasing Awareness and Proving the Concept for Maternal Mental Health Start Up Fundraising

Through numerous tests, we were able to strengthen the marketing strategy for the client, which helped them raise their initial round of funding.



Vital Start Health


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About the client

Vital Start Health is redefining maternal mental health services by adding Virtual Reality experiences and a digital platform. The client needed help with an impactful launch of the platform that would also aid them raise a seed round of capital.

The Challenge

We were tasked with uncovering potential audiences, testing messaging and visuals, as well as landing pages, to understand and project potential KPIs.

Once we had initial benchmarks, our goal was to improve the performance, polish the messaging, and help the client raise the necessary capital by showcasing initial achievements.

The Solution

We employed the Rapid Fire testing method on Facebook and Instagram, where we strategically tested audiences, messaging, and visuals to find the right mix of these variables to maximize performance.

On Google, we have also created multiple campaigns targeting search intent of different stages of maternal health to identify which audiences were more likely to convert.


Ran tests to help us identify the effective mix of placement, audience, messaging, and visuals


Drove high volumes of traffic to the new website to learn user behaviors and use the data to improve website experience


Helped the client choose the most effective messaging and visuals to continue to gain traction in the market

We’ve tested various ways for the client to get leads by testing sending traffic to the website versus submitting native forms on the platforms. Our tests also uncovered the information on where the different segments of the audience have higher levels of intent and engagement.

We have also constructed initial demand-generating funnels on multiple channels.


CPC on cold social audiences

CPC on high-intent audiences

average cost per qualified lead


average CTR

“Great work, trusted partner for success of our company!”

– Kirthika P., Vital Start Health

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