Increasing Awareness and Proving the Concept for Maternal Mental Health Start Up Fundraising

We successfully turbocharged our client’s marketing strategy; helping them to secure their first round of funding and fuelling the fire for future success.



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Vital Start Health


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About the client

Vital Start Health is redefining maternal mental health services by adding Virtual Reality experiences and a digital platform. The client needed help with an impactful launch of the platform that would also aid them raise a seed round of capital.

The Challenge

Our mission was to identify new target audiences, develop compelling messaging and visuals, as well as design effective landing pages – all of which would provide a solid foundation for establishing realistic performance goals.

With the initial benchmark data in hand, we fine-tuned our approach to drive results while ultimately helping our client raise funds by demonstrating their early successes.

The Solution

To build on our success, we turbocharged the Rapid Fire testing method throughout Facebook and Instagram to maximize performance.

Utilizing strategic variables such as audiences and visuals in combination with powerful messaging allowed us to uncover effective strategies quickly.

To further extend this approach online, multiple campaigns were tailored explicitly for the search intent of various maternal health stages – resulting in maximum conversions.

“Great work, trusted partner for the success of our company!”
– Kirthika P., CEO, Vital Start Health

Ran tests to help us identify the effective mix of placement, audience, messaging, and visuals


Drove high volumes of traffic to the new website to learn user behaviors and use the data to improve website experience


Helped the client choose the most effective messaging and visuals to continue to gain traction in the market

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