Unveiling the Secrets Behind Our Viral Marketing Campaigns

Each case study is a testament to our collaborative approach, where we work closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges, objectives, and target audience. We believe in the power of data-driven strategies combined with innovative ideas to create campaigns that deliver outstanding outcomes.

Website Traffic Increase YOY: 350%
Increase in orders YOY: 200%

Capitalizing on Shark Tank Appearance

Following their biggest TV debut to date, this company wanted to capitalize on their Shark Tank appearance and get an additional lift in exposure. The client saw a 350% increase in website traffic YoY, and a 200% increase in orders just days after the episode aired.

Additional Registrations: 100+
Average CPC: $1.10

Driving Attendance for An Annual Hospital Leadership Summit

For years, the American Hospital Association has hosted its annual AHA Summit. They tapped into Boundless to bring a new level of growth and engagement – jumping in Google Ads for even more registrations.

ROAS: 10.25
Average CPA: $36

Getting the Neuroscience Market Leader to 10X ROAS 

We collaborated with the client to enhance their existing global paid media strategy by utilizing innovative methods of horizontal and vertical scaling. Together, we created an effective setup that increased advertising reach across digital platforms and resulted in 10+ ROAS.

Average Cost per Qualified Lead: $14

Driving $14 Leads for a $3000 Medical Spa Procedure

We took a strategic approach to testing the messaging and visuals that our target audiences would best respond to. Our goal was to get maximum leads at minimum cost, so we employed an effective strategy of using Facebook and Instagram platforms. This enabled us to identify what resonated most with these groups – allowing us greater success in reaching conversion objectives.

CPC on High Intent Audiences: $.70
Average Cost per Qualified Lead: $12

Helping Maternal Mental Health Startup Secure the First Round of Fundraising

We successfully turbocharged our client’s marketing strategy; helping them to secure their first round of funding and fuelling the fire for future success.

CPC on Cold Audiences: $.06
Average CTR: 7.5%

Saturating Puerto Rico’s Healthcare Market with our Concierge Clinic Client

We had the exciting opportunity to help our client reach new heights of success by creating a digital presence on social media. Our focus was to establish them as an authority in concierge healthcare, providing personalized service and support for their clients.

Funded in 24 hours: $50k
Funded in 30 days: $190k

Achieving $200K in Crowdfunding Sales in 30 Days

This company needed to maximize their crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign sales in just 30 days. Together, the team reached their funding goal of $50,000 in under 24 hours and achieved $190,000 in pre-order sales over the span of the campaign, reaching almost 4x their original funding goal.

New Leads submitted annually: 900
Average CPA: $120

Achieving 12X ROAS for a Life-Changing Therapy Product

We gave this company the resources and strategic approach needed to exceed their annual sales goal. Combining powerful Facebook ad campaigns with engaging storytelling, our full marketing funnel provided them with a complete solution for success.

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