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This company needed to meet its annual sales goal and we crafted a full marketing funnel harnessing the power of Facebook ads and storytelling.


Listening therapy device


Paid Search
Paid Social

About the client

A veteran of the listening therapy industry, this company sells to both B2B markets (consisting of therapists, educators, and doctors) and B2C markets.

The company has a suite of music therapy devices that address developmental, learning, and emotional disorders as well as emotional trauma.

The Challenge

We started collaborating in 2017 when the client started looking for ways to engage and connect with a vast direct-to-consumer audience of individuals suffering from developmental and learning disorders or psychological traumas and their family members.

Because of the climate of the industry, many potential leads were wary of medical claims and were looking for evidence of efficacy.

The Solution

We’ve build a full-funnel social media strategy to drive users to sign up for a membership using a phased approach.

We’ve developed a few stories based on real case studies that would match our audience targeting to ensure high relevancy of the story. Many of them had visual assets that were used to further engage the audience. While we have seen some successful conversions with warm audiences, we had to retarget the rest of the audience again. This time, we’ve employed scientific data and research found on the clients’ website. 

We have further supported our paid social efforts with a paid search strategy that mimicked the same funnel, ensuring personalization of the message on all landing pages.


Build awareness for the brand by targeting people with interests in various target disorders using a video asset highlighting the efficacy of the product


Retarget web visitors who showed interest in the product, but did not convert to a membership yet


Serve display ads to increase direct traffic and brand searches and to convert them into members

Over the three years, these campaigns have been run with different creatives to three distinct audiences based on interest and buying intent to drive awareness and positive affinity for the product and continue to drive new prospective members into the funnel.

The three distinct audiences were redirected to a case study on the efficacy of the product with specific disorders. Rich in multimedia, these case studies created a sense of familiarity and trust that was further enhanced with a heartwarming story of life-changing results.

These audiences were then retargeted on Facebook with a specific CTA to sign up or request more information. The landing page for retargeting continued to increase trust and engagement with the brand through the use of written and video testimonials, as well as, research data. 

To capture the increased demand generated by social, we significantly increased paid search budgets to ensure the client was showing up on search engine results pages. That included expanding coverage of non-brand keywords to reach new audiences who may not have been familiar with the brand.

In addition, the team created display campaigns targeted to similar audiences to those reached by the social ads. Likewise, the ads for both paid search and display featured messaging tailored to users at each level of the funnel, mirroring the messaging from the social campaigns.


new leads submitted annually


average CTR for cold audiences


average CTR for retargeting campaigns

average CPA (average Purchase Value $1500)

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