Achieving 12X ROAS for a Life-Changing Therapy Product

We gave this company the resources and strategic approach needed to exceed their annual sales goal. Combining powerful Facebook ad campaigns with engaging storytelling, our full marketing funnel provided them with a complete solution for success.

CLIENT: Integrated Listening Systems
CHANNELS: Paid Search, Paid Social


new leads submitted annually


average CTR for cold audiences


average CTR for retargeting campaigns

average CPA ( average Purchase Value $1500 )

About the Client

A veteran of the listening therapy industry, this company sells to both B2B markets (consisting of therapists, educators, and doctors) and B2C markets.

The company has a suite of music therapy devices that address developmental, learning, and emotional disorders as well as emotional trauma.


In 2017, we began working with a client whose mission was to reach and help individuals struggling with learning or developmental disorders, and psychological traumas.

Given the sensitive nature of this industry segment, our challenge was twofold: build trust in potential leads while simultaneously demonstrating how our service could positively impact them.

We overcame each obstacle by deploying tailored strategies that delivered both confidence-building results for consumers as well as mutually-beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders involved.


We crafted a comprehensive social media strategy to get more users signed up for membership through phased targeting of relevant stories based on compelling case studies and data-backed insights.

Our paid search efforts amplified these results, delivering personalized messages according to each individual’s journey down the funnel.

The end result? Engaged audiences who converted successfully with our detailed approach.

We’ve crafted campaigns specifically tailored to each of our target audiences, with an aim to build a genuine connection between them and the product.

Through multimedia case studies that demonstrated life-changing results for those dealing with certain disorders, followed by retargeted Facebook ads urging users to take action – whether that’s joining or seeking more info – trust in the brand and its product has grown stronger.

This is further solidified through compelling written and video testimonials from real customers.

Build awareness for the brand by targeting people with interests in various target disorders using a video asset highlighting the efficacy of the product

Retarget web visitors who showed interest in the product, but did not convert to a membership yet

Serve display ads to increase direct traffic and brand searches and to convert them into members

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