Achieving Profitability from the Start

This client partnered with us to improve their entire digital strategy. From cross-channel tracking and attribution to branding and messaging to entirely new audiences we successfully built an Instagram following and grew revenue.





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About the client

Deluna Jewelry is on a mission to make high-quality jewelry available to everyone. With their timeless designs and eco-sustainable business, their jewelry makes a statement.

The Challenge

We have been charged with figuring out how to drive initial sales right after their official launch. The biggest challenge was in targeting the right perspective customers on Instagram with no previous customer data.

The secondary goal was to build an engaged Instagram following and brand awareness.

The Solution

We started with a broad audience of fashionistas to hone in the audience as we went along.

Since we haven’t had any data, we had to rely on anecdotes and hypotheses to start advertising. By overlaying target age groups with brand interests and life stages, we were able to focus on the audiences that were placing purchases.

As we continued to advertise and see sales, we were able to leverage Facebook and Instagram algorithms to use lookalike audiences and retargeting capabilities.

Through continuous copy variations and audience optimization, we were able to achieve an average ROAS of 6.9.


ROAS on cold audiences

ROAS on retargeting audiences

average CPA

of new Instagram followers


Optimize audience through continuous analysis of performance


Test a variety of creative and messaging assets to arrive at effective positioning


Gather data that can be later used for retargeting and lookalike audiences

The client wanted to build a lifestyle brand on Instagram. Through elaborate performance analysis and creative testing, Deluna built an amazing visual brand that continues to attract new Instagram followers and customers.

The initial efforts were later supported by retargeting campaigns that were able to capitalize on the website traffic we were able to generate closer to the top of the funnel.

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