Supercharge Your Messaging and Unlock Exponential Revenue Growth

Selling healthtech products is distinctively hard, and the reason isn’t far-fetched. The “why it works” of healthtech products is not the easiest thing to explain. Being that it is primarily scientific, it’s hard for the customers to understand. It’s better experienced.

So, there’s no clear explanation of how your product works. Therefore, your messaging (the maker or breaker of every marketing campaign) will be all over the place. And it will fail to address the main concerns of your potential customers.

These potential customers will come across your messaging and get confused, lost and distrustful. And when there’s no trust, guess what? There are no sales — simple math.

Let’s Help You Fix Your Revenue Problem.

We’ve consulted for countless business owners like you both in the healthtech industry and several others. In those years of consulting for all these businesses, we have come to find out one interesting thing: pointing out to them that their brand messaging is the problem is not always enough. If we don’t fix things ourselves, the problem lingers.

Why fix things for them when they can simply rework their brand messaging themselves and start pulling in the numbers? I mean, they’ve been told where to look. Right?

The answer is simple. Medical surgeons can’t effectively operate themselves. In the same way, when you try to fix your messaging (read: revenue problem) by yourself, you’re bound to misstep and make things worse. The solution? Outsource.

There are loads of agencies out there you can outsource to and get good results. But IF you make up your mind to partner with us to fix your revenue problem, here are the unique things we will do that no one else will:


  • Unbundle and deconstruct your product or service offering;
  • Closely examine your business operations — paying close attention to peculiarities and specific needs of your business;
  • Analyze and fully understand your business inside-out;
  • Rework your brand messaging according to our findings;
  • Test your new messaging with effective Facebook Ads to see what/how the audience responds;
  • Test different audiences to identify your “pool of gold;”
  • Scale the process to drive up revenue and profits.


All the processes above are parts of a proprietary done-for-you service we offer to businesses who come to us with growth and revenue problems. It’s a tiny part of the full suite of marketing services you’ll enjoy when you choose to partner with us to “unstuck” your brand and revenue growth.

Why waste your time trying to figure it out all by yourself when we have a tested and trusted system that has worked at improving the sales and revenue of businesses like yours every time we’ve deployed it? Leave your worries with us. We can, and will handle it!

How Business Owners Like You Feel About Working Us

“Boundless Agency was instrumental to our success on all projects and pleasant to work with. I had full trust in them to accomplish projects and meet deadlines, and they consistently met that trust with exceptional work.

Marketing and tech move quickly, and this team stands out looking for practical ways to apply new techniques and learnings.

A brilliant and enjoyable marketing team; Boundless has my highest recommendation.”

– Alex Rhodes, Consumer Sleep Tech Company

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Why Work With Us?

We are Boundless. Not just in name, but mainly by the level of growth we deliver to business owners who work with us. Below are further reasons different business owners opt to work with us.


We Are Addicted to Results

When we effectively execute your marketing and make you money, you will always have spare cash to invest into working with us again and again. For that reason, we double-down to generate positive ROI on every project because we understand that we’ll be out of business if our clients fail.


We Are Attentive

We are intently designed to be a boutique marketing agency. And as such, we only work with a handful of clients at any given time. This ensures that every client gets maximum attention and premium service.


We Are Flexible With Budgets

We run most of our campaign tests with a relatively small portion of your total marketing budget. Once we see traction, we scale big with the bulk of the budget. By so doing, we can work with budgets of different sizes while still producing decent results.


We Are Passion-driven

We are passionate about what we do, and it reflects in our client selection process. Before we choose to work with any company, we must believe in the company. We watch out for the passion and drive. If they are missing, no deal.

You may be wasting your marketing budget right now. Why not partner with us to manage it for you so that your money will yield bigger and better results?



Our agency was established with the sole aim of helping mission-driven consumer health tech companies to reach a wider audience, improve more lives and create a bigger impact around the globe.

Is your business a mission-driven health tech company? Then we can help you reach your goals by testing and improving your messaging and audience targeting so that you can effectively gain clarity, grow your business in the right direction, and finally feel fulfilled by your mission and the work.

Exceptional Service

We treat you like a friend and keep you informed of progress along the way.

Expert Team

Attentive, globally-placed, experienced marketing specialists with access to resources to help you grow your brand and revenue.

Impactful Results

We measure our level of success by how big of an impact we are able to make on your revenue. Because of that, we are always on our toe to deliver impactful results.