Achieving $200K In Crowdfunding Sales In 30 Days

This company needed to maximize their crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign sales in just 30 days. Together, the team reached their funding goal of $50,000 in under 24 hours and achieved $190,000 in pre-order sales over the span of the campaign, reaching almost 4x their original funding goal.

CLIENT: Dreampad
CHANNELS: Paid Search, Paid Social

Digital marketing for health startup


funding goal reached in under 24 hours

funded in 30 days


average CTR

people reached

About the Client

A revolutionary sleep technology based on years of research, this pillow activates your nervous system’s relaxation response. The product has been reviewed by publications, such as Forbes, Marie Claire, and CNN, and has published research from Columbia University.


We had an ambitious mission: to target the right customers on Facebook, with limited resources and a tight deadline of 30 days.

With so much at stake and not a moment (or dollar) to spare, we devised a plan that ultimately helped our client reach their funding goal in record time.


We recognized the importance of creating meaningful connections with potential audiences, so we built an audience selection strategy that was tailored to a wide range of demographics.

From women who make household purchasing decisions and parents of special needs children to high-performers and career climbers – our team identified these unique target groups through existing customer data as well as success signals from related products and market research insights.

After extensively testing messaging strategies in creative formats, we successfully zoned in on the most engaged users for product positioning purposes.

Facebook became the platform for our ambitious endeavor to reach potential customers from many walks of life, including busy parents and tech-savvy professionals.

We quickly learned more about site visitors through collecting data, and applying it toward a targeted approach that ensured maximum relevance when we expanded our scope beyond pre-order buyers or Kickstarter page browsers.

Develop hypotheses on target audiences and test a variety of potential audiences to gain insight into demand

Gather data that can be later used for cold targeting, retargeting and lookalike audiences

Test a variety of messaging relevant to specific demographics so we can develop the correct brand positioning

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