Capitalizing on Shark Tank appearance

Following their biggest TV debut to date, this company wanted to capitalize on their Shark Tank appearance and get an additional lift in exposure. The client saw a 350% increase in website traffic YoY, and a 200% increase in orders just days after the episode aired.


Music pillow


Paid Search
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About the client

The founder and the inventor of the music pillow that helps you fall asleep got to pitch his business on ABC’s Shark Tank. Even after they didn’t get a deal from the Sharks, the brand saw a huge increase in branded searches and direct traffic to the website.

The Challenge

After an appearance on major TV series, the client has tasked us with figuring out how to drive additional brand lift to the website that would result in even more awareness and sales.

The client had a sense of urgency for the project. Plus, it has been very exciting to leverage the new social proof of a major TV appearance.

The Solution

For Facebook, we used a number of factors to define a couple of potential target audiences, which were tested against each other. Some audiences were built on existing customer lists and website traffic data, while others leveraged interests in Shark Tank and/or sleep.

On Google Ads, the team sought to capitalize on branded search opportunities coming from the recent TV appearance, as well as the additional Facebook ad coverage. This was especially important to protect the branded searches from competitors who could capitalize on the increase in search volumes. Additional non-branded targeting captured people at various stages in the conversion funnel who were looking for related products and remedies who might have been interested in the technology.


Leverage a TV appearance to build credibility and interest


Test potential audiences to gain insight into demand


Gather data that can be later used for retargeting and lookalike audiences

By leveraging lookalike audiences, we were able to quickly find audiences similar to people who had already purchased the product as a result of TV appearance which allowed to reach highly relevant audiences at scale.

Additionally, we were able to expand the reach of the product and saw a lift in brand awareness and interest in the market.



average Facebook CTR


website traffic increase YoY


increase in orders YoY

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