How Can You Achieve $200K In Sales In 30 Days

This health and wellness company needed to maximize their pre-sales in just 30 days. Together with us, the team achieved $190,000 in pre-order sales over the span of the 30-days campaign, reaching almost 4x their original sales goal.


About the client

The Dreampad is a revolutionary sleep technology based on years of research. This pillow plays music through bone conduction which activates your nervous system’s relaxation response. The product has been reviewed by publications, such as Forbes, Marie Claire, and CNN, and has published research from Columbia University.

The Challenge

We have been charged with figuring out how to drive pre-order sales in a very limited time period.

The biggest challenge? Target the right perspective customers on Facebook with somewhat limited customer data.

We needed to find the right audience and create an effective messaging so that the client can meet their funding goal in under 30 days.

Services we offered

Audience and message testing.
Facebook and Google ads development and launch.
Campaign and optimizations and analytics.

The Solution

We developed a few potential audiences that were varied in demographic and socioeconomic statuses. We’ve identified the potential audiences that might be interested in reducing stress and improving sleep, including women with children who make household purchasing decisions, parents of special needs children, as well as high-performers, and people higher up the career ladders. Some audiences were built on existing customer data while others used interest-based targeting and success signals from related products and market research. Through continuous testing of messaging and creative, we were able to pinpoint the most engaged audience and develop the right product positioning in the wellness market.


Develop hypotheses on target audiences and test a variety of potential variations to gain insight into demand


Gather data that can be later used for cold targeting, retargeting and lookalike audiences


Test a variety of messaging relevant to wellness audiences so we can develop an effective brand positioning

4.5% average CTR (3x the industry benchmarks) with an average cost per click of 50 cents. 

In just 30 days, we were able to generate close to $200,000 in pre-sales with the first $50,000 achieved in under 24 hours.

On Facebook, we implemented four different campaigns targeting a variety of potential customers, which included mothers with children, technology aficionados, people with interests in sleep and mental health, and busy executives. 

After a few weeks of collecting data on website visitors, we were able to reach audiences similar to people who had already pre-ordered the product or has visited the Kickstarter page which allowed to reach highly relevant audiences at scale.


funding goal reached in under 24 hours

funded in 30 days

advertising spend

people reached



  • Unbundle and deconstruct your product or service offering;
  • Closely examine your business operations — paying close attention to specific needs of your business;
  • Analyze and fully understand your business inside-out;
  • Rework your brand messaging according to our findings;
  • Test your new messaging with effective Facebook Ads to see what/how the audience responds;
  • Test different audiences to identify your “pool of gold;”
  • Scale the process to drive up revenue and profits.

All the processes above are parts of a proprietary done-for-you service we offer to businesses who come to us with growth and revenue problems. It’s a tiny part of the full suite of marketing services you’ll enjoy when you choose to partner with us to “unstuck” your brand and revenue growth.

We help health and wellness businesses to develop and test messaging by running profitable digital ads.

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