Increasing Sales for A Neuroscience Market Leader

We collaborated with the client to enhance their existing global paid media strategy by utilizing innovative methods of horizontal and vertical scaling. Together, we created an effective setup that increased advertising reach across digital platforms and resulted in 10+ ROAS.

CLIENT: Emotiv
CHANNELS: Paid Search, Paid Social

Digital marketing for neuroscience company


average CPA

average CPA for cold audiences

average CPA for retargeting campaigns


About the Client

EMOTIV is a bioinformatics company advancing understanding of the human brain using electroencephalography (EEG). Emotiv’s mission is to empower individuals to understand their own brain and accelerate brain research globally.


With an eye for optimization and ROI, we took the client’s digital marketing strategy to a whole new level.

We got creative with targeting potential audiences that are looking for unique solutions – such as incorporating neuroscience into education, marketing techniques, workplace wellness initiatives, and beyond.

Through our comprehensive approach to search engine advertising and social media campaigns, this niche product was given space in front of those who need it most; transforming innovative ideas into sales success stories.


We identified several powerful opportunities for our cutting-edge technology by launching optimizations from the extensive data gathered across both paid search and social media accounts.

Through Facebook, we harnessed lookalike audiences to locate those ready to learn about – or purchase – this innovative product.

To complement these efforts on Google Ads, we created topics tailored to middle and top of the funnel search intent that have continued driving positive results.

We’ve leveraged the power of conversion data to deepen Facebook’s algorithm and enhance its understanding of our target audience. Additionally, we’ve used user behavior trends to shape website design improvements that will bring even more conversions in the future.

Ran tests to help us identify the effective mix of placement, audience, messaging, and visuals

Increased the volume of conversions with a global targeting

Identified key opportunities in improving the user experience on the website by leveraging the signals we received from the traffic we drove

“They will not stop optimizing and improving the performance of the ads. Always looking for new opportunities and areas of improvement. They come up with a lot of ideas on their own and are always open to suggestions and feedback.”
– Nuri D., Chief Marketing Officer, Emotiv

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