We took a strategic approach to testing the messaging and visuals that our target audiences would best respond to. Our goal was to get maximum leads at minimum cost, so we employed an effective strategy of using Facebook and Instagram platforms. This enabled us to identify what resonated most with these groups – allowing us greater success in reaching conversion objectives.


Pravan Clinic for Emsculpt NEO


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About the client

EMSCULPT NEO is an innovative body shaping procedure approved by FDA that provides simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building. Clients typically need multiple procedures over a 6-month timeframe. An average cost for the entire procedure averages around $3,000.

The Challenge

By uncovering unique audiences and testing compelling visuals and messaging, our team was able to effectively drive new leads and clients to the website. Our strategic approach has enabled us to narrow down potential customer segments with confidence – providing a steady stream of quality leads for the business.

The Solution

We took a strategic approach to finding the best messages and visuals that resonated with our target audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

After we identified what worked, it was time for us to maximize lead generation while balancing cost efficiency.

As the algorithms learned and we have made optimizations, the cost per lead has been steadily decreasing, allowing for an even higher volume of conversions.

We were able to generate a $14 cost per lead for a $3000+ procedure package.


CPC on cold social audiences


average CTR

average cost per qualified lead

“Boundless Agency created a cohesive digital advertising strategy for our brand. Now, we enjoy a growing number of engaged followers, an impressive volume of website visitors, and a great conversion rate, all of which are the foundations on which we will continue to build our business. We are very optimistic for future growth and could not have been happier with the work that has been done to get us here.”

– David M., Pravan Health


Ran tests to help us identify the effective mix of placement, audience, messaging, and visuals


Drove high volumes of traffic to the website where high percentages of visitors turned into qualified leads


Helped the client choose the most effective messaging and visuals to continue to gain new clients

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